Saturday, September 8, 2012

Welcome to my weekend...

Sooo... that's my song for the day :)

     Anyway, let's get this started! I am Ms. Waller, aka Codi. Yup, I'm a chick with a dude's name. And I'm cool with that. atm I am currently laying on my couch watching my son , Brandon Jr, run crazy around the house playing with my cell phone. He's adorable. Check the photo.

     So, recently, I started a new diet plan that I totally made up myself, but it seems to be working. I'm gonna try to keep up with all that on here as well as my daily life. I want to be able to look back on it one day, And the internet is one thing I know I won't lose. Wish me luck on the password haha.

    I'm gonna try couponing. I think it'd be fun and helpful since I am a 21 year old mother who isn't exactly rollin in the monies. Only thing is, I don't have a lot of time to do all that cutting and saving and remembering, so I'm gonna do most of them online. I know that Kroger has a system now where you can download your coupons directly to your plus card. ummm... THANK YOU. That makes me pretty happy. Now I have to find the coupons lol. I'm hoping I can save a lot of money this month, I just moved, and had a car wreck Thursday night. I had full coverage but a $750 deductible. Damn it, My pretty new car. I got a pic of that too...
Not fun stuff at all! I actually had my son in the car with me, THANK GOD he wasn't hurt. Mama would'a killed someone! I am still sore on my left side (where we were hit), neck, and leg, and my husband was complaining that his head hurt yesterday, but seems to be over it today.  I don't think it was anything too serious. But I know it SUCKS in regards to my insurance cost that was already as much as my car payment...ugh. 

So... moving on. My plan for today is simple, play with my son, clean my house, finish laundry, and dishes, find and organize as many relevant coupons as I can, call and check on my grandma who just found out she has breast cancer:'(, and somehow convince myself to shave my legs. That's right, I went there. Deal with it. If that's too much for you, you should've left this blog a while ago... Just sayin. It's only gonna get worse. 

Ok, that's my bipolar rant for the time being. I am going to go feed my son some pancakes, with no syrup because I'd like to be able to walk on my floors again soon. Update later on how this plan works out


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