Monday, September 10, 2012's monday

Yup, I rock Sugarcult. That's how I do.

And welcome to Monday! Monday started with a 7:30 wake up I was not prepared for. Ran out of sugar for my coffee, spilled said coffee on my shirt, got baby ready to go, got myself ready to go, was late to work, boss had a stack of papers for me waiting on my desk... I was greatful. Phone was ringing off the hook, computer was being slow, had 35 voicemails that had to be reviewed, noted, input into the computer, routed, notified, and followed-upon....not that anyone has a friggin clue what I am speaking of... but that's a shitty day for me. Oh yeah and then... due to my wreck, I had no car... my husband worked all morning starting at 2am, so he fell asleep approx. 30 minutes before I got off work... I was stranded. Luckily I have some nice co-workers, one of which drove me home like a 10 year old car pooling from soccer practice. Yeah... mini van and all.

After I finally got home though, I went to the store to get something for dinner. Had chicken parmesan. Decent for last minute. I checked on my granny in TN, cancer has spread...they couldn't get it all. she will be starting Chemo soon but she is doing well considering. Now that baby has had his bath and is in bed I need to get off my a$$ and clean the kitchen and take my laundry out..but instead I am blogging to no one and watching Family Guy. Stewie makes me smile.

:) See me smiling?! So anyway, I am very glad today is over. I have had enough Monday today to do me for the rest of my life. I have never had an issue with the whole Monday thing, today fixed that. I am a new believer in that whole TGIF thing. I need a Friday... now. But until I get off my butt and accomplish something Friday won't be worth a crud anyway.... soooo here I go.....
My motivational speech for the evening. :)

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