Sunday, September 9, 2012

Got to be true to myself....

:) Evening. Idk whats up with that title honestly, I'm watching the broncos game... it was a song on a commercial...Moving on. Ok, so today I drove for the first time since the wreck on thrusday. Alone, of course, and not in my own car. I was actually a bit nervous. Weird. But I had to go to the store. I began, my version, of extreme couponing today and I ran out of paper in middle of my 200 coupon print-out. Office max is having a sale on computer paper BTW, 99cent a pack... Our office max in Acworth shut down, but wal-mart price matched it. Anyway, I am now sitting at the house being lazy, tired of doing dishes and laundry. Put down new carpet in Brandon Jr.'s room (that was irritating to say the least). But it looks nice now. Just got to get our HUGE bedroom suite here and we will be good I believe. Hopefully that will get done this weekend. I am going back to work tomorrow. Idk if I'm ready but I don't think I have a choice. But I am going to be back hardcore on my dieting. I have so far lost 5 pounds... And I refuse to enclose my current weight ATM. I'm not proud yet.:P Regardless I will be consistantly using my own plan in order to lose more weight. I want to be 30 pounds down by my birthday next year (8.20.2013) I wanna be all cutsie in my bikini HAHAHA. On a not so happy note, I found out this weekend that my grandmother has breast cancer. She is going to be having surgery tomorrow morning. If anyone actually does read this, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. My family would fall apart without her. And we barely survive now. Ugh, I can't even think about it.... My cousin, Tyler, is expecting his first baby in January, a little boy! I am so excited I can't see straight. I cannot wait to see him! Ty will be such a good daddy and husband. And I have full faith in his g/f too! I know they love each other and are soooo happy about this. They are young, but fuggit. Ty grew up too fast, and she's kept up so far. (IDK much about her raising but I'm liking what I see lol). Aren't they friggin perfect?! Aww I can't stand it! My lil bubby is all growed up and in love!!!!

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