Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blown Away!!!

This is a friggin cover... wow. I was shocked. I'm pretty much addicted to this song right now. Just love the feel of it for some reason. Anyway, had a decent day today. Forgot my lunch this morning, but I had a salad... nothing bad. But I also forgot my bottled water and I don't do tap water, so I got my just reward when I tried to purchase a vending machine beverage. Dr.Pepper to be exact. I turned the knob, and the effin machine cut the can in half... literally. and in doing so jammed the stupid thing. Luckily I have a good friend who happens to hold the key to that magical box of goodness that injured me, and she let me get the next one and take back my .75 if i cleaned up the one that spilled all over the place....I di it. It's been a month and a hallf and I WORKED for a Dr.Pepper. I'm weak. On a not so pathetic note, I came home and played with my lil munchkin... Photos uploading as we speak. He looked so damncute today. I love the fall! jeans and hoodies are just effin adorable on my lil midget. I mean so are shorts and t-shirts, but he just looks so cuddly. I will upload soon. As of now, I am going to watch more pretty little liars, can't seem to get enough. And figure out what me and the little man are having for dinner. I'm thinking that corn salad (if it turned out well) will suffice. If not, I have no idea what's about to go down in my kitchen lol! I will update later, maybe. Idk. No promises. :)

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