Wednesday, December 5, 2012

That mutha fucker....

So...I cant believe it but that crazy ex that couldnt remember my name got my name and number from a mutual friend on fb. And he called me. Asked me to hang out. When I told him no he flipped shit and told me he was gonna beat my husbands head in. Are you freakin kidding me? Dude...omg. and the whole conversation he was talking abiut how good he is in bed and how good looking he is. You italian mobster wanna be piece of shit....first of all: ive had better. Second of all, I HAVE better. And third, im scared of your penis. Not because its so large idk if I could handle it..but because im afraid of what I'll get from it. You were never the cleanest person. And not to mention your alcoholic ass has a bad fuckin attitude. There is nothing about you that makes me want you. And thebonly thing abiut you that makes me "quiver" is the disgust I get knowing at one point I slept with you. Ill chalk that one up to young stupid and rebellious. Im gonna have to give daddy ceedit on this one. He was totally right when he said you were a crazy alcoholic with violet tendencies. Didnt listen then..but im better than that now. So no thanks.

Damn I needed to vent. That mutha fuckrr.

Real girl

Just wanted to point out...I hate that prettu girls are all over the interner woth their hair done and makeup caked on and shit.....I am a real girl. Random as hell. And this is what I usually look like. The internet allows us to be exactly who we wanna be. Why be dumb and fake? We all know you dont look like that in the morning. And dressing up for a buncha strangers is kinda lame homes. ♡jfs.


More human than hu-man....

damn it, Had that song stuck in my noggin all day...(Rob Zombie is contemplating suicide that one of his listeners uses that word....)

Aaaany way... I got OOBER creatice this evening. I made doritos taco salads. MHM yup that's what I did. It seemed like a good plan. And it was. Epic.
Sorry, I had a moment. I am now watching trying to figure out when I'm gonna get this stupid android update already. It was supposedly released to AT&T users yesterday...But I get nothing :( I sad. I am also, clearly a nerd. I called at&t to ask when I could get it and the Tech support guy acted like I was asking about a flying fuggin car. Like I should know nothing about it, much less when it was released. Whatever dude, I know, I'm smarter than most cute females. Can't help it. Just tell me when I can get my shit! So, I still don't know, cause nerdy boy wouldn't tell. Asshole. Yeah, I am also working on a new software that would root my phone. I am TERRIFIED of bricking. No bueno. (don't get excited, that's all the non-english languages I know).

Yeah, my kid was being a total butt tonight too. It took til like 12:30 am to get his little toddler butt in the bed. I laid him down at 10:30pm, but he wasn't havin that shit. Normally, I can lay him down and put his blanket on him and turn on his little scout puppy and he will say night night and bye and PTFO. No such luck tonight. I think maybe he slept in too long this morning. I had to go out so I wasn't here til late. Wish people'd stick to the damn schedule. Jeez. He is such a good kid.... Just has his days like all of us I spose. I love him dearly. <3

I attempted to add a pic, but my laptop has decided to be an ass too. Tonight's just not my night dude. Eff this, Why aren't I in bed? It's 2:45am. And my foot just went to sleep.

OH SNAPPPP I forgot I had clothes in the washer... eww mildew stench. on that note, BRB.


So yeah, today I was at the DEPT OF LABOR (due to my recent face-off with management *see previous post to satisfy your curiosity*) and I ran into my ex, Mike. FROM 6 YEARS AGO!! I dated this boy when I was 16! Holy crap-o-la! Funniest part was, I recognized him immediately, he looked identical. (I don't think he's even bought new shoes since then.) So I went over and talked to him. We talked about all kinds of things from when we were together, my family, his family, me having a kid and being married and all, him still living with his mom and sister and unemployed since the job he had when I was with him....FUCKIN HILARITY!. It shocked me how much he remembered from that long ago.... It shocked me more that this fool COULDN'T REMEMBER MY NAME!!!!! really dude? And then ask for my number? Believe it or not, I couldn't find a pen... and my phone happened to die around that time too. AWWW SHUX guess I can't talk to you anymore.

Fuckin skeez. How the hell you gonna be talking to a chick about how much you were hurt by her leaving, how much you missed her, how you always think about her, and wish things had been different and BLAH BLAH BULLSHIT but you can't recall her name?! BITCH PLEASE. && the WORST part is, he actually thought I was interested in him still. No thanks man, I was 17 and easily enthused back in the day. My attention span is about as long as I recall the worm in your pants being, I don't have time for this. haha, I like that worm joke. I'mma use that one tomorrow. It'll be my insult of the day. K my little anon. stalkers, I am going to dream about your pretty faces :P Until next time... my advice to you is:

&NEVER forget...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

My son...Is my friggin HERO

He is my super baby and I love him bunch.

Best e.v.e.r.

Re-Do (yup, I'mma commit to this b!tch)

Ok, so here's what's up. First, I would like to point out that the demonic child in the above video is the coolest kid ever for keeping a straight face and chasing dude outta the building. JFS.
moving on. I am a bored, broke, married mother of a psychotic toddler (whom I love with all my little heart). I have recently lost my job because I had an inappropriate demeanor at work. I totally called my boss a fat bulldog. not my brightest shining moment as far as careers go, but abso-fuggin-lutely worth seeing her face. She LEGIT looked just like UGA hahaha

On with the "about me" BS, I suppose it's necessary to let you all know, I have an AWFUL sense of humor, even worse mouth, and I am (as far as I know) the MOST opinionated person alive... possibly dead too, I'm not sure. Believe it of not, I have anxiety and depression "disorders". I'm not sure why they call them that though. I'd like to know what's considered "in order". Regardless, I don't take meds, so sometimes I get a little emotional. Don't judge me, just go with it. Speakin of, I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOUNG CHILDREN OR HIGHLY SENSITIVE PEOPLE READ/WATCH ANYTHING I POST ON HERE. I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR LACK OF PARENTAL OR SELF-CONTROL!!! Just sayin, have to cover my ass.