Wednesday, December 5, 2012

That mutha fucker....

So...I cant believe it but that crazy ex that couldnt remember my name got my name and number from a mutual friend on fb. And he called me. Asked me to hang out. When I told him no he flipped shit and told me he was gonna beat my husbands head in. Are you freakin kidding me? Dude...omg. and the whole conversation he was talking abiut how good he is in bed and how good looking he is. You italian mobster wanna be piece of shit....first of all: ive had better. Second of all, I HAVE better. And third, im scared of your penis. Not because its so large idk if I could handle it..but because im afraid of what I'll get from it. You were never the cleanest person. And not to mention your alcoholic ass has a bad fuckin attitude. There is nothing about you that makes me want you. And thebonly thing abiut you that makes me "quiver" is the disgust I get knowing at one point I slept with you. Ill chalk that one up to young stupid and rebellious. Im gonna have to give daddy ceedit on this one. He was totally right when he said you were a crazy alcoholic with violet tendencies. Didnt listen then..but im better than that now. So no thanks.

Damn I needed to vent. That mutha fuckrr.

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